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ENVIROSOIL (Remediation) Limited is a national ground improvement and remediation specialist, with bases in the South East, West Midlands and southern Scotland. It offers engineered material replacement and remediation solutions to land developers and contractors alike.

Large UK construction sites have benefited from this technology for at least ten years. On a small scale the process can be prohibitively expensive; typically 3000m³ is considered by contractors to be the minimum commercially viable quantity.

Envirosoil own a small, compact, state of the art soil stabilisation machine, which eliminates this cost problem; presently we are the only contractor in the UK to possess such a compact plant. Therefore we are able to consider sites that require as little as 250m³ of material to be processed.

Government legislation requires the construction industry to reduce its dependance on primary aggregate extraction, and implement the Landfill Regulations regarding dig and dump techniques. Reusing site based materials that have been given enhanced engineering properties is a solution that can not be overlooked.

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Soil Stabilisation is a versatile and extremely cost effective medium in the design and build of any construction project, large or small.
Envirosoil are able to offer three principal areas of soil stabilisation.

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Granmat is a process that will modify and stabilise in-situ material categorised as unsuitable by external influences (high moisture content, low bearing capacity) into suitable engineered material. This eliminates the need for disposal off site and the import of general and engineered fill.
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Cost savings of up to approximately 50% when compared with traditional methods, ie muck-away and import replacements.

Reduced and accelerated program times (compared to traditional muck-away).

Reduced lorry movements on surrounding roads (typically 2000 per site if the process is fully utilised).



In-situ soils which are deemed unsuitable in conventional construction processes can be modified via the addition of binder agents to produce an engineered material suitable for building on. The nature of some of the binder agents allows for the modified material to be stockpiled and then used over a period of time, providing the contractor with greater flexibility in the earthworks programme.
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In-situ soils, as above, can be stabilised using a variety of binder agents to provide an enhanced engineered material to a 6F capping specification (600 Series S.H.W), which will adequately replace the need to export site won material and source and import, crushed concrete or equivalent granular material in its place.
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In-situ soils, as above, can be stabilised using a variety of binder agents to provide an even further enhanced engineered material to a Clause 803 Sub base specification (800 Series S.H.W), this material can be non frost susceptible so allowing the pavement construction to be overlaid directly.
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Enviro-Lock prevents the need for 'dig and dump' of contaminated material. With the government's enthusiasm for reducing usage of landfill sites, this process is actively encouraged by Local Authorities and the Environment Agency (mobilisation periods apply).

Contaminated in-situ materials (typical contaminants: heavy metals, hydrocarbons) can be locked into the host material via various binder additions. Avoiding dig and dump in this way prevents the spread of contamination outside of a site's boundary, an aspect that the Environment Agency are keen to promote. The locked material is also monitored for reduced permeability; this reduces leachate contamination.


Cost savings in the order of 50%-75% when compared with traditional methods, (ie muck-away and import replacement).

Reduced and accelerated program times (compared to traditional muck-away).

Reduced lorry movements on surrounding roads (hundreds per site if the process is used fully).


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